Huddle Zones

One of the key challenges for any IT event organiser is how technical do you get? Some delegates really want to get into the nuts and bolts, while others just want the broad strokes big picture. We have addressed this problem at the IoT Summit by introducing ‘Huddle Zones’. The agenda sessions will be broad strokes with the speakers then making themselves available in the ‘Huddle Zone’ for anyone who has any questions or wishes to get into the subject in greater depth.


Welcome and opening address from the Chair

Emmet Ryan

Emmet Ryan

Business and Technology Reporter, The Sunday Business Post


Opening Address: IoT: Ireland’s Opportunity 

Professor Brian MacCraith

Professor Brian MacCraith

FInstP MRIA, President, Dublin City University



Morning Keynote Address: It’s not how, it’s why: the business reality of the internet of things

‘To build an internet of things solution has never been easier for business. The connectivity is (mostly) there, the sensors and chipsets are the cheapest they’ ve ever been and the middleware business tools are aplenty. With all this, what really changes is the way a business treats its products, its teams and its customers.’

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Internet of Things Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Product Designer


Opening Discussion: Revolutionising business models, driving innovation and embracing disruption in a future connected world

The goal of this session is to critically review and discuss what it will take to bring the Internet of Things to the next level.

Charles Sheridan

Director, Internet of Things Systems Research Lab, Intel

Raymond O'Connor

Aruba Ireland Country Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lorcan Burke

CTO (Mobility), Cisco


How our eco-system is making money from IoT: The real business models and solutions impacting organisations across Europe

As the operator of Ireland’ s only nationwide IoT network (Sigfox), our speaker will outline the 3 key lenses through which companies should be viewing IoT and the new business models that IoT is enabling.

Mark Bannon

Mark Bannon



Morning Break


Financing the IoT: What are investors looking for?

The Internet of Things is expected to be worth trillions of dollars by 2020 and several companies and startups will certainly reap the benefits of that explosion. Our speaker will discuss the critical criteria for investment.

Paul Murray

Paul Murray

Investment Director, Atlantic Bridge



Blockchain and IoT

Internet of things (IoT) solutions are being successfully adopted in many different industries such as healthcare, warehousing, transportation and logistics. Blockchain, a distributed ledger of transactions stored in multiple participating servers, together with IoT, offer a new world of promise. Current centralised cloud-based IoT solutions may not scale and meet the security challenges faced by large-scale enterprises. In this presentation our speaker will look at how these two technologies are being used to build end-to-end secure and automated solutions for businesses today.

Dr. Wendy Belluomini

Dr. Wendy Belluomini

Director, IBM Research Ireland


Panel Discussion: Privacy and Data Protection Challenges in the IoT

The data protection landscape is about to change forever. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force across all member states on 25 May 2018. The main purpose of GDPR is to allow individuals to regain control of their data. Consent to process data will only be obtainable through clear and accurate explanations about what precisely is being collected, why, where it will be used, shared or stored and for how long. This panel of leading experts will discuss the impact of the GDPR on the IoT landscape.

Tom Slattery

Head of Data Analytics, KPMG

Brendan Dowling

CEO, Consumer Data Protection

Ultan O'Carroll

Technology Advisor, Office of Data Protection Commissioner



Dublin City: An ideal IOT test bed

Pollution, traffic jams, extreme weather events – today‘s cities face multiple challenges that call for smart and innovative technology solutions. In order to improve city life and take advantage of emerging opportunities in areas such as the Internet of Things, the four Dublin Local Authorities (Dublin City Council, South Dublin, Fingal & Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown) joined forces and launched a regional ‘ Smart Dublin’ initiative in March 2016. Dublin offers an ideal test bed with multiple connectivity options for new solutions that could be rolled out internationally. Our speaker will highlight Dublin’s smart city progress to date as well as future challenges and opportunities.

Jamie Cudden

Jamie Cudden

Smart City Programme Manager, Dublin City Council




Welcome back from the afternoon Chair

Professor Willie Donnelly

Professor Willie Donnelly

President, Waterford Institute of Technology


CASE STUDY: IOT: Where tech and business collide – a new approach to marrying the two

  • How projects can be identified
  • Enabling specific use case projects
  • Lab testing versus real world trialling – The real joy of IoT
  • When to declare failure – all marriages have the potential to divorce
  • Examples of projects
Conor Nolan

Conor Nolan

Innovation and Digitization Manager, BOC UK & Ireland


IoT- Does traditional IT matter?

The IoT platform you choose may or may not provide everything necessary to enable your users to consume meaningful information – whether your users are humans or other things. Brian will explore what relevance, if any, traditional IT has in an IoT world, including real-world experience from a Sungard AS customer whose been working in the IoT space for over 20 years.”

Brian Finnegan

Brian Finnegan

Solutions Architect, SungardAS


CASE STUDY: The Internet of the Patient (IOTP): IoT in healthcare delivery

Often with IOT driven Health, data collected is just data, useless without direction and forgetting the patient is a person. The patient is the key success factor for IotP. Smart fridges can’ t tell you how to improve the customer experience, but our patients can productively input to the design and execution of services making sure that it is a technology which not only improves patient lives but lead the transformation of our health services.

Dr Clyde Hutchinson

Dr Clyde Hutchinson

Innovation Specialist, Office of the CIO, eHealth Ireland


AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Fireside Chat with Caroline Dowling

Our world has evolved through innovation from the 1740s industrial revolution to the information age and we are now entering the 4th industrial revolution which is being driven by technology. We hear a lot about IoT, internet of things and the digital era. However, it’s not just about smart and connected machines or devices; it is a fusion of technologies in digital, medical, automotive, energy and the physical infrastructure itself. It is a change on how we communicate, operate, exist. In this interview style session, Silicon Valley leader Caroline Dowling talk about how technology is driving a paradigm shift in how we deliver a connected world and look at what it means to us.

Caroline Dowling

Caroline Dowling

President, Flex Communications & Enterprise Compute


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